Personalise your JdL

Personalise your JdL

If you’re looking for an emotive piece of jewellery that tells a story - most importantly your story - JdL is one to bookmark. Personalise any piece from the collection with a range of unique add-ons. Charms are the foundation - a simple treasure that you can elevate with Jessica’s personalisation offering - with stones, hand-engravings and chains to suit your chosen piece.


Personalisation with Jessica de Lotz invites you to create your own story with jewellery. We've created a space for you to personalise your piece online. As you shop with us, you'll see icons on each item indicating which personalisation options are available for your chosen piece. Once you've chosen a piece - whether that’s a single charm, a pair of earrings, or charm bracelet - you can then add a personal touch with one of the below.

Initials Capitalised

Wear the initial of a loved one or your own as jewellery, with a hand-stamped seal - a Jessica de Lotz signature feature.

Initials in Petite

Seal ultra-small letters into your Petites pieces - an initial of a loved one, or your own.

Stone Selection

Set stones of your choice for added shine - perhaps a birthstone or a coloured gem that you love.

Hand Engraving

Etch a special message onto your piece - mottos, a loving adage, initials, anything you can dream up...


Choose from 0 to number 9 - a lucky number or significant date.

Add a Chain

Add the signature JdL belcher-style chain to your charm.

Add Charms

Choose to hang a charm (or two!) from your piece - whether that's a bangle, chunky charm bracelet or a chain.